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Updated: Apr 26

Hey guys it's John from Cool English with a new Basic Verbs activity. I really think that verbs are the most important things we can teach our students. If you know verbs and can use them correctly, you probably communicate pretty well. The problem is that it can be a little boring to teach a list of verbs. That's why I created this activity. I have used it in many classes and the students always love it, they enjoy the visuals and the variety of exercises. There are 10 verbs and 8 different interactive reviews to learn them.

First, I have definitions that show the word then when you click on it you’ll see a picture, definition, and sentence example based on the picture. I normally show the words then elicit what the students know before showing the picture and working on pronunciation.

Second, there is a short story with two clickable options for the verbs, if you click it and it turns green it is correct, red is wrong. I normally read this as a class or in groups and check responses after.

Third is multiple choice where you have a picture and coinciding phrase with a missing verb, click on one of the ten verbs to fill in the blank. This is a fun one to play with the students and elicit responses.

Fourth, I have a great grammar game that goes over the four basic tenses. There are present simple, present continuous, past simple, and future simple forms. Just click on the verb tense then ask the students to form either positive, negative, or interrogative phrases based on the picture. Just click on the corresponding icon to reveal a sample phrase. Depending on your students’ level, just use the present continuous or present simple form. Gamify this by awarding points for correct responses.

Fifth is fill in the blank which is pretty self-explanatory. Just click on the blank box to reveal the answer. I normally assign this in groups or as homework. It is a harder review so normally don’t start with this.

Sixth, there are some open questions. These are great to start a conversation and practice pronunciation. I normally challenge the students to create their own questions after going over these. I also assign it as homework and ask them to record or write their answers and send them to me.

Seventh is the video clip game which is always a fun review. Watch 3-second clips and ask the students to repeat the verb they hear. Award points if they do and make a game of it. I normally allow them to hear it 2 times but that is up to you.

Finally, there is a definition review. I normally play this game last as it can be challenging. Have students first listen to the definition and try to say/write the verb. You can reveal the definition for them to read if necessary. I normally award two points if they get it with just the listening and one point if they need to see the definition.

Well, that’s it. I use this same structure to teach many different vocab sets like phrasal verbs, advanced adjectives, idioms, and much more. I hope you enjoy it.


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