SPEAKING: Creation or Summary

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey guys John from Cool English again and today I wanted to talk about Speaking. I really believe we can divide the speaking activities for our students into two categories Creation and Summary.

  1. CREATION - This is any speaking where the student creates the answer to the question. For example, opinion activities, future plans, past history, daily routines, etc.

  2. SUMMARY - This is when students input some information, text, video, audio, picture, and summarize what they input. So you might ask them to read a story or watch a short video then retell what happened. They might research some topic and explain it to you in their own words.

If we break Speaking activities into these categories it makes it easier sometimes to look at individual student needs and to make sure we are varying the type of speaking activities we assign in class. I always try to alternate between the two and have found it keeps the students more interested and engaged.

I hope this little tip for speaking activities was helpful, and please check back for new posts every week.


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