Can you explain something well?

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a game I am working on. It is based on the game $100,000 pyramid. It normally gets my students smiling and is a great warmer or end of class activity.

I like to use it to work on my student’s ability to explain things clearly and concisely. I think this is a language skill that is useful in many real-world situations. This game is best played with a group of 2 or more but you can adapt for one on one classes.

I ask them to choose a category and then one or more of them must turn around while the other student gives clues and tries to explain the words that the teacher reveals. If they guess the word, I reveal another word and click the checkmark, if they are having a hard time guessing the word, they can skip it and move on to the next word. I click the skip button to color the word red which helps me remember how many they got right and motivates them to maybe try and give a better description when they are done.

If I am with a single student, I ask the student to turn around while I give clues and see how many he or she guesses. When it is their turn to give clues, I turn my head and just hit reveal 6 times to reveal all the words. My main goal is that they can give some form of comprehensible definition or example that would elicit the chosen word.

For homework, I sometimes ask them to try and record on WhatsApp a few sets as practice. Again, getting them comfortable with creating definitions or examples is a great way to not only memorize vocabulary but also work on a real-world skill.

I hope you like it and let me know if I can improve it in any way.


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