Updated: Apr 6

Here is a great new vocab activity focused on teaching the things we use to clean and the verbs associated with them. There are high-quality pictures, video clips, multiple-choice, open questions, definition games, and even a self-grading test.

I normally go over the words and pictures in class then do one of the reviews, I like the video clips or the multiple-choice to start. After I assign the open questions for homework. In the next class, we do the definition game and I assign the test for homework.

I got an interesting email a couple of weeks ago from a special needs teacher who uses my site. She told me she teaches older teens with learning disabilities and wanted something to help teach this vocab. I thought it was a great idea and after I realized even my more advanced students didn't know these pretty basic words. So I feel this is a great set for many levels of students

As always please let me know if there is anything I can fix or improve. I hope you enjoy it.


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