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Updated: 6 days ago

Welcome to Cool English, my name is John, and I created this site to give teachers fun interactive activities to use in class with their students. I always wanted the site to be free with limited ads and donations to pay the server costs. During the pandemic, users increased significantly along with my AWS hosting costs, yet google ad revenue and donations aren't covering even half of the costs. That is why I am forced to change the site to a subscription modal.

I know this is not optimal for many of you, but I promise to keep the pricing fair and include a free tier. Full details will be available when the new site goes live next week. My dream is to create new activities every day instead of every week. Normally I only have time to build new stuff late at night or on weekends as I teach 8-9 classes every day. I genuinely believe that with your help, I can grow Cool English to be the most complete resource for ESL/EFL teachers around the world.

Thank you for supporting me over these past few years, and I hope you join me on this next step of the journey. I promise to constantly improve the site with engaging and exciting material. While providing the modern and dynamic experience that you deserve.


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